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UR+ paving the way for SetupRobotics

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Do you remember what Apple’s App Store did for thousands of software companies? Now guess what the Universal Robots+ program is doing for its ecosystem of hardware partners.

Universal Robots+ is an online showroom that provides cutting-edge products to customize a UR robot application that perfectly meets your requirements.

SetupRobotics is a newly established robot gripper company founded by Uffe Safeldt. The grippers are easily mountable onto the Universal Robots arms and SetupRobotics is a certified part of the UR+ program.

Instead of placing the company near his private address, Uffe searched for a location that could enable him to expand the business by getting easy access to business partners and collaborators. In Odense he found what he was looking for.

“Odense is the epicenter for robotics. We need to build up an international sales network. We are technicians and inventors with good products and a desire to sell a lot of them. If we team up with the right people, we can focus on our core competencies. We have high ambitions and we know that you need investment capital to grow faster. In Odense we get connected to the strong robotics ecosystem and we also get the possibility to connect with the right potential investors. That’s why we chose to place SetupRobotics in Odense”, says Uffe Safeldt.

The company already has had one of the major opportunities to connect with the cluster and most importantly different investors during the 2018 Odense Investor Summit. They were one of the companies selected among other 28 capital-seeking companies, that had a chance to pitch their business in front of an audience of almost 200 people. With a reporting 100.000.000€ of value in the global market of collaborative robot tools, SetupRobotics is looking for an investor with “clever money” building up the necessary organization, as well as in-depth knowledge and understanding in the new collaborative robot market.


Further Information:

Investment Manager
Bjørn Polenz
+45 8174 7050