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Want to learn more about medical cannabis?

Invest in Odense cases, Medical Cannabis

Odense is the place to visit if you want to know more about medical cannabis.  

For doctors, patient associations and manufacturers

On March 6th, the Danish Ministry of Health hosts a conference to evaluate the first year’s trial period of medical cannabis. The focus will be to present the most important results, learnings and challenges.

The conference addresses both doctors, patient associations and manufacturers and will answer questions about:

  • What kind of different types of medical cannabis are a part of the 4 years’ pilot scheme?
  • What are the requirements for product quality? And how can the manufacturers handle the application processes and inspections without prolonging the matter?

The conference will also bring the news from science projects granted as part of the pilot scheme. Furthermore, there will be small workshops for each group with room for exchange of experiences within:

  • Dosing and product formulations
  • The dialogue between doctors and patients, when the patients request medical cannabis

For professional gardeners and unskilled workers in the medical cannabis industry

One third of all horticulture companies are placed in Odense, which makes Odense a relevant place to look, when searching for gardeners and gardener knowhow for medical cannabis manufactures.

On the 18th of March, Kold College offers a five days’ course on medical cannabis.  Here you can gain knowledge about cultivation of the cannabis plant, light and climate control, quality assurance and lastly relevant guidelines to documentation requirement.

The education/workshop is hosted together with HortiAdvice, who is a member association for the horticulture industry.

Everything from plant to patient

Last year, the Minister of Health Ellen Trane Nørby was among the speakers for the NGO Cannabis Danmark’s Annual General Meeting. This year, the meeting will take place in Odense in May.

The exact date and list of speakers for 2019 has yet to be decided. However, what we do know is that the association covers “everything from the plant to the patient,” and is often telling the Danish story about medical cannabis abroad. Latest as a speaker at the Cannabis Europe Conference in Paris, France.

Clinical Cannabis Forum in September

Last, but not least, the Clinical Cannabis Forum plans to hold their annual meeting in Odense in September.

Clinical Cannabis Forum is a national group of clinicians and other scientists aiming to collect information and share knowledge about treatment with cannabis and cannabinoids. Most of their events are targeted smaller niche groups, but once a year they host an open event for all with professional interest or curiosity on the matter. The program will be announced later.

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