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 It hit the national media in Denmark, when Odense University Hospital let a camera pill screen the patients for colorectal cancer. Instead of getting a penetrative camera examination at the hospital, the patients could eat the pill at home.

The project is a collaboration between Odense University Hospital (OUH), the company CorporateHealth and the Danish National IT platform Their first major clinical trial is about to conclude. Here, with 250 patients the accuracy of the camera pill when delivered through CorporateHealth’s standardized services will have been compared against standard colonoscoppillcam-w-text1-150x150y and the preliminary results appear very encouraging.

Today, four nurses are employed in Odense to handle the evaluations, and CorporateHealth has succeeded getting start-up capital from both a local and an American investmen
t fund. With the money, Managing Director, Dr. Cornelius Glismann can start to work on new goals:

Already before the summer CorporateHealth with OUH and start collaborating with other hospitals in Denmark to test the service there and examine if the evaluation with the camera pill at home can be a solution not only as part of the national screening program for cancer, but also for other patients that are normally asked to take a colonoscopy or people suffering from Inflammatory Bowel Diseases like colon cancer. At the same time, a medical institution in rural Scotland looks into using the pill service in a region where longer distances and another infrastructure can show new advantages of the camera pill-based evaluation.

Two years in Denmark
The development has occurred over just two years: In the spring of 2014, Invest in Odense introduced CorporateHealth to the opportunities in Odense; In the spring of 2015, there was established a collaboration between the CorporateHealth, Odense University Hospital, and Six months later, the capital were sorted, and today there are contacts in Scotland, Holland, and the USA.

– We are constantly working with Odense and Denmark as a starting point. This is where we can try things out first. When we see, they work here, we use that experience to enter other markets, says Cornelius Glismann, who comes from the headquarter in Hamburg, but now manages CorporateHealth’s International Department from Odense.

He pinpoints three rePillCam-Colonasons for this:
– Denmark is far better geared to implement new innovative solutions into their healthcare system, rather than for example Germany. Here is a unique IT structure, with, among other, and finally there is a relevant ecosystem in Odense within health, innovation, and business. Organizations like Health Care DENMARK, Accelerace, and Welfare Tech Invest has been great partners since we came here, with all from getting into the Danish hospitals to accessing international markets.


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