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What a week in Odense! MiR and UR stealing the headlines…

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Teradyne invests €222 million in Mobile Industrial Robots and Universal Robots wins DenmarkBridge Award 2018.

In Odense you will find one of the world’s best robotic clusters. If you didn’t know, it might have become obvious to you during the last week, when it was announced that Teradyne has acquired Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR) for €121 million net of cash plus €101 million if certain performance targets are met extending through 2020.  Odense and the robotic environment is not unknown to Teradyne. Teradyne acquired Universal Robots back in 2015.

And speaking of Universal Robots the company has continued its impressive development. That was honoured by His Royal Highness, The Crown Prince of Denmark, Frederik, when he handed out the DenmarkBridge Award 2018 to Esben Østergaard, CTO and founder of Universal Robots. The DenmarkBridge Award celebrates companies, organizations or individuals who have shown an ability to think bigger and aim for the unreachable – those with a moonshot-mentality. This mindset characterizes Universal Robots.

DenmarkBridge aims at bridging the gap between Danish companies and Silicon Valley, one of the world’s primary hotspots for technological innovations, by creating a community consisting of high-level strategic networking and knowledge sharing among like-minded business partners.

“To us, DenmarkBridge Award is a symbol of the journey we have been on, and the goals we have reached; to build up a global company and being instrumental in creating the growing robot cluster in Odense. Reaching these two goals makes us very proud“, says Esben Østergaard.


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