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Ever since KUBO Robotics got funded by KMD Venture back in Q3 2016 they have continued their explosive development and is now a part of a top-notch investor-setup.

Back in Q3 2016, KMD, one of Denmark’s biggest IT- and software companies, invested in KUBO Robotics, and now, a year after, KUBO Robotics has exited Odense Robotics StartUp Hub and moved in to KMD’s facilities. The explosive development of KUBO Robotics continues and CEO and co-founder of KUBO Robotics, Tommy Otzen is certain that KMD’s external injection of capital has had a crucial importance for their quick establishment: “The match with KMD was a great match for us, as it has opened up several valuable doors and generated extra resources for us, among others in form of an increased exposure, network and important contacts to the right people”.

For KMD it was a matter of being a part of a journey with a start-up company and at the same time exploring new business areas. They wanted to be matched with a start-up, where they could be a part of the process early on, however it also had to be on a platform, which could make sense in relation to KMDs additional work. KUBO Robotics fulfilled this, but also the surrounding environment played a role in creating a successful match between KUBO Robotics and KMD. Niklas Marschall, Director at KMD Venture states: “There was a general interest from several stakeholders, expressing that they wanted the best for KUBO. KUBO was a part of Odense Robotics StartUp Hub, and at the same time the municipality (ed. Invest in Odense) was good at following up. Further, several schools were interested in being test-pilots, and several business people kept pressing on”.

At the latest round of funding in KUBO Robotics in Q2 2017, yet another investor entered the Cap Table. The National Growth Fund also invested in KUBO Robotics.

Both KMD Venture and KUBO Robotics will be at this year’s Odense Investor Summit 15th November 2017 at Nordea, Odense. KUBO Robotics will be at the bazar presenting their product, while KMD will be there to follow the development within the robot industry as well as to look for possible start-up companies with a great story. Also The National Growth Fund is at the Summit.

For the last few seats available for the Odense Investor Summit, please contact Michael Hansen, Odense Seed and Venture, +45 2341 4007 (first-served basis).


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