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Why do Business Angels look to Odense?

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The growth in Odense – especially within robotics – is attracting investors to the city. 150 potential investors met with 20 hopeful and expanding companies at the Business Angel Annual Meeting in Odense May 18th.

According to local business angel, Torben Frigaard Rasmussen, who held the welcome speech, investors are increasingly looking to Odense for investment opportunities. “In Odense you see a development which many investors acknowledge and see opportunities in. This is why, placing the Business Angel Annual Meeting in Odense really makes sense”, he says. In his speech Torben Frigaard Rasmussen highlighted the fact that in 2016, the robotic companies in and around Odense succeeded in attracting investments worth 100 mill. Euros. Mobile Industrial Robots, which Torben invested in himself, was one of the companies. Among the others were OnRobot, Inrotech, Blue Ocean Robotics and Jorgensen Engineering.

Companies from all over Denmark got the chance to pitch to the investors. Of the 20 selected companies 4 of them were local companies from Fyn. Fyn represents only 10 % of the Danish population – but 20 % of the investment possibilities presented at the Business Angel Annual Meeting.

One of the local companies searching for investors to fulfill their growth potential was Odico, a pioneering formwork technology developer. Anders Bundsgaard, Founder & CEO, who presented the business case for the investors, says: “We are on a mission to transform the global construction industry. We see a huge potential in our market offering, but to be able to fully serve the market we need investments to speed up the development of the company. We had a good dialogue and now I’m excited to get the reactions from the investors.”

Odico and the rest of the participating companies will need their patience, because it can take up to nine months before a pitch results in an investment”, says Investment Manager at Odense Seed and Venture, Michael Hansen, and continues “But you won’t get a bigger opportunity than presenting your business in front of 150 investors, so if it’s going to happen, it’s going to be today”, he says.

The members of Business Angels Denmark have invested approximately 25 mill. Euros in ambitious startups and established companies. “And it is often a very good business for the investor. In 21 of the investors’ exits this year, the investors gained 3 Euros for every Euro invested”, Michael Hansen explains.

Companies need capital to fulfill their growth potential and investors need good investment cases to grow their business. Odense Seed and Venture bridges the gap between growth companies within robotics, drones and health-tech and investors.

The next chance for the robotics companies in Odense to pitch for investors is November 15th 2017 at Odense Investor Summit, an event that brings together the most promising funding seeking companies and active investors.


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