For your business too? Danish robot developers build robots for a wide range of sectors

Oct 8, 2022 | Articles, Highlighted, News, Press Releases, Robotics and Drones

Which sector do you work in? Are you busy? Do you still have to handle a lot of manual tasks and processes every day?

Read on and check out the list of Danish robots, cobots and automation solutions which could be helpful in your workplace. 

Combining human skills with the cutting-edge capabilities of robot technology

First, humans invented mechanics. Then came automation and robots. Now a third and even more sophisticated development is in full swing. It combines mechanics and technology with artificial intelligence. Autonomous systems are machines or solutions capable of sensing, planning, and acting in changing environments.

Employees’ experience, knowledge and professionalism are encoded into the algorithms. And the machines are programmed to process large volumes of complex data and identify patterns that the human brain cannot spot. Combining human skills with the cutting-edge capabilities of robot technology enables us to solve challenges and work smarter.


Robots as key to solve labour shortage

Employers are struggling after The Great Reshuffle, where many workers quit their jobs and sought employment elsewhere, in search of improved work-life balance, flexibility, increased compensation, and strong company cultures. But cobots and robots don’t leave their jobs. Nor do they take your job. As it turns out, that is the wrong thinking, and by a long shot.

A Korn Ferry study shows, that it is not that robots that are taking all the jobs – the issue is that there are not enough people to fill all the vacant positions. The study finds that by 2030 there will be more than 85 million job positions that may be unfilled because there aren’t enough skilled people to fill them. The number is roughly equivalent to the population of Germany.

The global labor shortage drove a surge in industrial robot sales in Europe, Asia, and the Americas in 2021. According to the International Federation of Robotics, a record 486,800 units was shipped globally – an increase of 27% compared to the previous year.

So, let’s automate in industries other than manufacturing to make these jobs more attractive and efficient.


Are you a farmer or a forester?

Sustainable agriculture and food production need robots. Danish agriculture is among the world’s most efficient and has much knowledge-based agricultural clusters. Since 1990, Danish farmers have produced more and polluted less. As a part of their toolbox, they use following Danish robots:


  • Vertical Farming: Seasony
  • Sowing and weeding: FarmDroid, Agrointelli, Visionweeding
  • Cleaning of pig farms, poultry houses and fish handling: Washpower
  • Using drones as scarecrows: Naust Robotics 
  • Levelling and maintenance of riding arenas: Riding Arena Robots
  • Tomato picking: Egatec
  • Handling of plants in nurseries and greenhouses: OnRobot and The Gripper Company
  • Fire detection, emergency services and wildlife management via drones: Robotto
  • Delivery, surveillance, field spraying and other scenarios: Hectodrone
  • Deploying modern technology like drones and biological control like useful insects to eliminate the need for pesticides and make organic farming more attractive and efficient: Ecobotix
  • Automating the feeding workflow in the stable: One2feed 
  • Watering fields with automated mobile, intelligent irrigation machines: Fasterholt

Are you a groundsman?

Are you a shippower?

  • Cleaning of cargo holds and tanks, robotic antifouling: Cliin Robotics
  • Data sourcing, visualization, and process automation during commercial decision-making: BlueKey
  • Remote vessel inspection using subsea technology and underwater robots: Blue Atlas Robotics
  • Propeller polish without divers, using intelligent underwater robots: SubBlue Robotics
  • Surveillance onshore, shipping, offshore oil rigs, or wind turbines with marine-grade, long endurance drones: UPTEKO
  • Reducing maintenance costs with a comprehensive predictive maintenance solution. The solution intelligently monitors every single refrigerated container globally for the world’s leading container liner. IPU

Are you a wind farm operator?

  • Maintaining and repairing wind turbine blades: Rope Robotics
  • Servicing wind turbines with a flying crane: AirFlight

Are you a developer or contractor?

  • Automated 3D construction printing: COBOD International
  • Digitalization and 3D machine control: Unicontrol
  • Automating cutting processes via app or through voice control to make the work life of carpenters better while increasing productivity and capacity: Kobots
  • Automating repetitive and tedious work processes in any prefabrication production: Robot At Work 
  • Alleviating workers from pains that occur during material logistics (brick, mortar, scaffolding, and garbage: RobStruct 
  • Scalable mobile robot solutions for an under-automated and climate-challenging construction industry in change: Odico
  • Automation solution for heavy-duty construction machines. The project is ongoing and therefore most of the information are confidential. However, some high-level details are shared here by IPU

Do you work with urban services and facility management?

  • Capturing plastic before it flows into the world’s oceans: SeaProtectorOne
  • Perimeter inspection: Lorenz Technology
  • Removing cigarette butts and chewing gums from the pavement: Capra Robotics
  • Pavement anti-icing: Saltnex
  • Seagull control, algae treatment, de-icing of wind turbines and cranes in extreme weather conditions, and building inspection, performed with drones: Sky Level

Are you a healthcare worker?

  • Early mobilization and efficient rehabilitation of bedridden patients: Life Science Robotics
  • Disinfection of operation theatres, patient wards etc.: UVD Robots by Blue Ocean Robotics
  • Disinfecting air and surfaces with a dry-mist disinfection robot: Autonomous Units
  • Patient handling, transfer, and rehabilitation: PTR Robots by Blue Ocean Robotics
  • Automation of pipetting tasks: Flow Robotics
  • Internal transport at hospitals, nursery homes etc.: Mobile Industrial Robots
  • Handling of the transport of racks between washing machines, storage tables and the return hatch in a central sterile supply department: KEN Hygiene Systems
  • Automatic sample collection and transportation or supplies replenishment at hospitals: Enabled Robotics
  • Task robotization in research laboratories: OnRobot
  • An automated sterile center: Gibotech
  • By offering artificial grip strength, a robotic glove creates greater independence for people suffering from disabilities: Tendo
  • A fully automated arthritis scanning robot for rapid testing for rheumatoid arthritis: ARTHUR
  • Automatic swab robot: Lifeline Robotics
  • AI-driven analysis of x-rays of bones and joints for fracture detection and much more: Radiobotics
  • Unpacking and handling samples in a laboratory: LT Automation

Do you work in retail or e-commerce?

  • Automating the transportation process in Click & Collect and Restocking in supermarkets: Coalescent Mobile Robotics
  • Minimizing manual pallet handling with: PALOMAT
  • Picking and storage optimisation to improve efficiency and floor space utilisation: EffiMat


Are you a baggage handler in the avian industry?

  • Automated handling of luggage and commercial parcels at airports: Cobot Lift


Are you a teacher?

  • Educational coding solution to get to grips with coding and computational thinking, explicitly designed for kids aged 4 to 10+: KUBO Education
  • A modular robotics system allows students to create their robot: Shape robotics
  • Raising robot literacy with small, lightweight cobots are cost-effective to deploy and can fit in small labs and on classroom tables: Universal Robots
  • Physical presence for pupils, teachers, remote team members, customers, partners, consultants and many more: GoBe Robots


Are there other Danish companies we can add to the list?

If so, please contact us immediately and we will update this article.

Please note: Some of the above-mentioned Danish robots are also deployed in the manufacturing industry. Some were explicitly developed for manufacturers’ needs, but other sectors discovered them too.

NextGen Robotics – a growth consortium for technology and knowledge

NextGen Robotics is Denmark’s beacon of business for robots, drones, and autonomous ship operations – and a growth consortium that through advanced test facilities, ground-breaking demo projects and innovative collaborations will help advance digitalisation and automation in Denmark and globally. 

A united city behind the succesfull robotics ecosystem

Odense has demonstrated that the field within robotics range as one of the world’s strongest ecosystems.

We have gathered all you need to know about building your business in Odense through the link below. 

Facts & stats

Did you know that the very first collaborative robot was invented in Denmark by three visionary roboticists in the city of Odense? A city now known as the world’s capital of cobots. The area around Odense is a global stronghold for innovation and development within collaborative mobile robots, and more than 40% of companies work with collaborative robots related products.

Further information

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