Odensean biotech company outgrew its premises and is moving to bigger facilities

Oct 30, 2023 | Articles, Biotech and Life Science, cases, Medical Cannabis, News from the city of Odense

Evosep is expanding beyond its previous location on Thrige Square and is now moving to Tech Town Odense.

This move brings Evosep closer to the University of Southern Denmark (SDU) and the new Odense University Hospital (OUH), enhancing collaboration with these institutions in Odense.

The company manufactures equipment for clinical diagnostics. Since its establishment in 2016, the workforce has expanded from 10 to 60 employees. Their objective is to reach 100 employees, necessitating a larger facility to accommodate both staff and equipment.

On top of that VP of Marketing, Christian Ravnsborg, sees great opportunities in the new location of Tech Town, close to Campus Odense.

So, he shared this insight with the local news media, Fyens Stiftstidende.



‘’A close collaboration with SDU and OUH is essential for the further development of the company, as it enables us to be at the forefront of the newest equipment which is requested by the market. We are happy that it has been possible to find new facilities here in Odense, where we have room to grow as we do, and are still close to our partners.’’

Christian Ravnsborg

VP of Marketing, Evosep

Tech Town is located in Munkebjerg, close to Campus Odense. Here the Covid-19 test Centre has closed, and the facility is now rebuilt into a modern biotech facility.

Novo Holding invested 280 million

Evosep specializes in protein analysis, employing a cutting-edge method for examining blood and urine samples. The company not only sells the machines required for these analyses but also provides the necessary fluids for their operation. While its primary clientele consists of research institutions, Evosep has ambitious plans to extend its reach to hospitals and clinics, broadening its customer base significantly and fostering company growth.

Earlier this year, Novo Holdings invested DKK 280 million in Evosep, valuing the company at 1.4 billion DKK. This substantial investment showcases Evosep’s standing as a prominent player in the life science sector in Odense.

Furthermore, this underscores the dynamic growth of the life science sector in Odense, with an analysis revealing that over the past three years, the local sector has attracted investments totaling more than 2 billion EURO. Evosep stands as a prime example of this flourishing industry within the city.

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