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Novo Nordisk pharmaceutical company expands its presence into Odense's thriving life science sector

life science is one of Denmark’s positions of strenght

Denmark’s life science industry is one of the country’s strongest economic pillars, employing over 50,000 individuals and contributing approximately 20% to the nation’s total exports. With a focus on research, sustainability, and innovation, Denmark attracts global giants and startups alike. Denmark’s vision is clear: to lead the world in innovative life science solutions, benefiting both its citizens and economy.

In the heart of Denmark, Odense stands as one of the country’s prominent clusters in the life science industry, making it a beneficial destination for those daring to shape the future of life sciences. With over 3,000 professionals working across more than 50 companies, Odense has established itself as a thriving hub for life science. Over the past 3 years, the sector has witnessed a staggering investment of 2 billion euros, a testament to its potential and growth prospects.

In alignment with Denmark’s vision to lead the world in innovative life science solutions, Novo Nordisk, one of the leading pharmaceutical companies, has chosen to place its investment in Odense. As a key player in the pharmaceutical industry, Novo Nordisk recognizes the potential of Odense as a strategic location for its operations. This decision reflects the city’s status as a prominent cluster in the life science sector, with a strong emphasis on research, sustainability, and innovation.

New Recommendation to expand the life science cluster in Odense

The Business Council advocates for the expansion of the Life Science cluster in Odense, acknowledging the sector’s increasing importance in Denmark. Odense hosts a notable concentration of Life Science companies, particularly those specializing in robotics and welfare technology.

Clustering life science entities can optimize resource utilization and promote sectoral growth. To achieve this, proposed solutions entail designating new industrial zones near existing clusters, ensuring essential infrastructure availability, and implementing fast-track permit processes. Integration of symbiotic models is recommended to facilitate resource exchange among companies, municipalities, and private actors.

The recommendation to establish industrial zones and expand life science clusters in cities like Odense stems from the aim to address infrastructure challenges and streamline administrative procedures. Ultimately, these efforts aim to stimulate growth and attract investment within Odense and Denmark’s life science sector.

Novo Nordisk Odense

The Novo Nordisk pharmaceutical company is investing in a Novo Nordisk production site in Odense, Denmark. Novo Nordisk’s top products are insulin and diabetes treatments. 

To expand its production capabilities, the Novo Nordisk company saw Odense as an optimal location for a Novo Nordisk expansion. The city’s strategic positioning, coupled with its thriving industrial landscape, the University of Southern Denmark, and access to talent, makes it an attractive destination to expand and invest in a new Novo Nordisk production site in Odense.

This not only signifies Novo Nordisk’s commitment to innovation and advancement but also underscores Odense as a key player in the global pharmaceutical industry.

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Life Science Firms that developed in odense


CelVivo is an innovative 3D cell culture technology developed right here in Odense. Unlike traditional methods, CelVivo creates a more realistic environment for cells, revolutionizing research in drug discovery, regenerative medicine, and personalized healthcare. CelVivo is part of the VOLTA-E!3908 project, which recieved 2.3 million EUR from Eurostars grant in 2024.


Evosep, based in Odense, is a leading company in proteomics. Their flagship product, the Evosep One, accelerates protein analysis, driving breakthroughs in biomarker discovery, drug development, and precision medicine. Evosep’s presence in Odense cements the city’s status as a hub for biotechnological innovation. In 2023 Evosep recieved a 40m $US investment from Novo Holdings to accelerate its efforts in clinical proteomics.  


GlyProVac is an innovative solution to combat antibiotic resistance (AMR). Utilizing their proprietary platform technology, BEMAP, GlyProVac ApS identifies specific sugar modifications on bacterial proteins, crucial for immune recognition. In 2024 GlyProVac received significant funding of a substantial $467,000 from CARB-X to accelerate antibacterial research.

cluster of biotech and life science in odense

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Odense’s biotech and life science industry faces significant growth. Companies in the industry realized 127% growth in average revenue last year. 

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