New Flagship Stores Enter Odenses’ Blooming City Center

Nov 7, 2022 | Articles, News, Press Releases

Odense is in the middle of a transformation, and Odense aims to become a great Danish city, instead of being a large Danish town. A new thriving area – Oluf Bager’s Plads (square) and Carl Nielsens Quarter – an architectural, beautiful green area surrounded by the Hans Christian Andersen Museum, the newly opened light rail, and new brand stores, has been finished and the result is inspiring.

Oluf Bagers Plads and Carl Nielsens Quarter – aN AWARD-WINNING new area in the city of ODENSE

Oluf Bager’s Plads helps to restore cohesion in the central part of Odense. The new area creates a gateway between the city’s historic district with its timber framing, heavy oak doors, wooden shutters, and leaded windows to a new emerging district with green areas, sustainable buildings, and the new light rail that started operations in May 2022.

Even before the project Oluf Bager’s Plads was inaugurated, it had already won a prize – an Odin Award. The prize is awarded annually to a developer, who has shown initiative, enterprise, and willingness to make financial sacrifices and illustrated a sense of quality in either a renovation project or a new building in Odense.

The modern, innovative construction of the new quarter is characterized by sustainable materials and creative solutions to ensure that the building affects the climate as little as possible. By doing that, the project meets the criteria for winning the Odin Award. Furthermore, by having these factors in mind, the city development in Odense is taking responsibility for the green transition.


The city center in Odense has recently seen top brands like Bang & Olufsen and Carl Hansen & Søn moving into new, renovated locations.

Ulrik Storm, a men’s wear store, A.C Perchs Teashop, Bolia and Hästens Brand Store, are the latest additions. It is now time for the internationally acknowledged Odense-based brand LE KLINT to make their presence felt. The new residents on Oluf Bager’s Plads are another step in the direction of the transformation of Odense into a big city by creating a cluster of different flagship stores and big brand names in the new city square.

A warm welcome to the new brand- and flagship stores

architectural masterpieces in the city center

Oluf Bagers Plads and the areas surrounding it have rapidly been growing and developing over the years, and with the architectural masterpiece: Hans Christian Andersen Museum, the newly opened light rail, new brand stores, and much more, the city center in Odense has become an upcoming metropolitan city worthy.

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