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Business ready talents in Odense

May 27, 2024 | Articles, Biotech and Life Science, cases, News, Seed and Venture Capital

With the establishment of Life Science Fyn, both research and education from the natural sciences at the University of Southern Denmark have come closer to the companies, to the benefit of the entire ecosystem.


Collaboration is the key

In 2022 Life Science Fyn was established. The life science cluster serves as a network for public and private companies within biotechnology, medicine, and health technology, among others. 

After the establishment, large parts of the surprisingly numerous actors on Funen have been mapped out, thus gaining knowledge of each other across sectors and creating networks that strengthen the entire industry on Funen.

This has led to collaboration between private companies and between companies and research groups. At the same time, it has contributed to increasing the number of students working on business projects in biotech-related programs such as Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, and Biomedicine, just as companies contribute to a more business-oriented and case-based education.





Odense Investor Summit 2022, GlyProVac

“It is valuable that we are building these bridges so that the entire ecosystem is strengthened. One of the biggest and most typical barriers to growth in life science companies is a lack of qualified workforce,” says Jakob Møller-Jensen.

“Therefore, it makes a huge difference that we bring our research and education closer to the business community and companies.”

Jakob Møller Jensen

Head of department, Biochemistry and Molecular biology, University of Southern Denmark

Strenghten collaboration with natural sciences

According to Jakob Møller Jensen, the collaboration with Life Science Fyn gives the institute’s programs a significant advantage in relation to the new candidate reform, which aims to shape several university programs in a more business-oriented direction. He emphasizes that their existing network and contacts with companies will facilitate the implementation of this new reform.

He also notes that incorporating guest lecturers from the business community into the programs and involving former students’ companies in designing relevant laboratory exercises helps current students better understand the business world. “In this way, students become much more business-ready before they leave the university,” he says.

He believes that all companies, regardless of size, that see the benefits of cross-sector collaboration are welcome to participate in these initiatives.

Novo Nordisk in Odense

Novo Nordisk is close to signing an agreement to join Odense’s thriving life science sector, which will create a demand for even more talent and specialists.

“We are about to welcome one of the world’s largest companies, Novo Nordisk, to Odense. This will likely require the recruitment of a large number of the specialists that we educate,” says Jakob Møller Jensen.

For the rest of the Faculty of Science, which also encompasses education and research in biology, computer science, physics, chemistry, and mathematics, collaboration with companies is also seen as a clear advantage.

“The natural sciences have a lot to offer, which can help develop and strengthen the competitiveness of the companies on Fuenen. Conversely, collaboration with companies can make it more attractive to study at SDU because you establish contact with potential employers early on.”

“The relationship-building collaboration undoubtedly brings a synergy effect that benefits all the actors involved and, the effort to bridge the biotech area and the life science companies in the region has given us some experiences and insights into best practices in these types of collaborations.”.

Marianne Holmer

Dean and professor, University of Southern Denmark

As part of the faculty’s strategy, they are already actively strengthening relations with companies, but this work will be expanded and intensified in the coming years, both in terms of research and education.

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