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Our Service Provider Network is your assistance when setting up a business in the City of Odense
Services Providers


We collaborate with a strong network of various external service providers and consultants, who have the skills and expertise to help businesses set up and operate in Odense, by delivering the best and most professional service and assistance to foreign companies looking to set up business in Odense.

Invest in Odense facilitates and connects companies and stakeholders. Our aim is to make it as easy as possible for companies to establish themselves in Odense. All the companies, consultants, and stakeholders are organized in Invest in Odense’s Service Provider Network.

Want to become a Service Provider?

To be part of the Service Provider Network, please fill in the form below. The description of the company’s services must be objective and factual. Furthermore, the descriptions must not involve any form of advertisement.

All details and descriptions must be filled out in English. The main business areas must be chosen based on the service provider’s main competencies.

Invest in Odense reserves the right to not include providers or services that do not relate to the establishment of business in Odense.

The facts and expectations

  • As a service provider, you should supplement the assistance and counseling offered by Invest in Odense before, during, and after a foreign company’s establishment in Denmark. To be part of Invest in Odense’s Service Provider Network you have to offer a service relevant to businesses seeking to establish themselves in Odense.
  • We are looking for service providers within these areas of business: auditors, accountants, administration assistants, lawyers, banks, contractors, property service, business developers, etc.
Service providers are expected to positively contribute, in relation to:
  • Delivering relevant and targeted information to Invest in Odense’s customers
  • Helping Odense make it easy for new companies to establish themselves
  • Having a focus on the establishment of businesses
  • Supplying 2 hours of competent feedback/dialogue
  • Having competencies and experiences with foreign companies seeking to establish themselves in Denmark/Odense
Service providers are in addiction expected to:
  • Be fluent in English
  • Be aware that inquiries can happen outside office hours

It is free of charge to be part of Invest in Odense’s Service Provider Network. Service providers are not entitled to any form of fees for their involvement in the Service Provider Network.

Let’s get in touch

Thor Ellegaard

Program Manager of Robotics and Automation

I work to secure the knowledge and skillset of our future global workforce. Collaborating with local, national, and global robotics and tech companies to build the absolute best Robotics School K-12 in the world. As a Program Manager in the field of Robotics and Automation for the City of Odense, my main objective is to create mutually beneficial public-private partnerships.

+45 2037 9950