26075 N 72nd Dr
85383, Peoria

Number of employees in Denmark: 1-10
Corporate website:

Contact persons

Johnny Killerup Pedersen
Direct number: +1 623 271 4256
E-mail adress:

Torben Frigaard Rasmussen
E-mail adress:

Company competencies and services

Area of business

Consulting service, Relocation service, Marketing.

Main competencies

  • Partner in creating growth and development in companies
  • Guide to establisment in the US or EU
  • Assisting in ensuring investments
  • M&A activities
  • Market analytics and GTM
  • Board member and participants in advisory boards

Description of products and services

Converzion will provide guidance, insight and expertise across multiple areas to help you navigate the international landscape.

With our extensive network of business consultants and more than 25+ years of experience in the realm of international expansion and accelerated growth, Converzion is the perfect choice for any investment in the Denmark or USA.

As a growth oriented company, we have experience in founding, growing, and managing a variety of companies spanning from online networking communities to physical production companies.

We work strategically with our clients to develop a plan, and then take operational responsibility in executing the plans set forth. We work with rapid growth plans, raising capital and efficient business development and employ a no excuse policy.

We encourage you to read more about our professional background, and visit our business services page at

We look forward to working with you.

Experience with assisting foreign establishments in Denmark

We have worked with 20+ establisments including direct investments, M&A and management buy-outs in Denmark and the US over the last 3 years.

Company presence in Denmark

We have office in Phoenix, Arizona and in Odense, Denmark and have besides our own staff an extensive network of external constultants and experts avaliable.

In which countries is your company represented

Denmark and the US

Language Skills

Danish, English at professional level and French, German at communication level