Kindly advertising agency

Cikorievej 20
DK-5220 Odense SØ
Phone: +45 6313 2913

Number of employees in Denmark: 11-50.
Corporate website:

Contact persons

Ulrik Ærenlund
Direct phone: +45 2241 6998
E-mail address:

Henrik Larsen
Direct phone: +45 2163 6322
E-mail address:

Company competencies and services

Area of business


Main competencies

Graphic design
Exhibition material
Corporate design & concept development
B2B & B2C Marketing
Graphic production & Print

Description of products and services

We make you go from ? to !

Before we do any work, we make sure that we know who you are, what you do and what you like.

We make you stand out and we create a design for your company that reflect your style, thoughts and future visions.

From the logo all the way to your website and work cloth. All is connected and has the same feel, look and design.

Experience with assisting foreign establishments in Denmark

We have both local and international clients.
Small and large companies.
Retail, tech, leisure, food & beverage and industry.

Company presence in Denmark

Cikorievej 20, 5220 Odense SØ

Vestergade 18 B, 1. sal, 1456 København K

In which countries is your company represented

Only in Denmark.

Language Skills

Dansk, Deutsch and English