Corporate website: https://www.pernillepuck.dk/

Contact persons

Pernille Puck 
Direct phone: +45 23230014
E-mail address: pp@pernillepuck.dk

Company competencies and services

Area of business


Main competencies

I am a professional and independent sparring partner with many years of experience. My aim is to add value to your business with competencies in:
• Capital & Financing
• Strategy & Business Development
• Management consulting

Description of products and services

I understand how the banks, the Growth Fund and the investors do think. I know how to prepare to get in the best possible position and what it takes when meeting them.

Fundraising is all about being able to see opportunities. And giving the financial partners a professional prepared and structured business-case for decision-making. Therefore, it is important to start planning your way to fundraising at an early stage. And a structured process requires professional support.

I actively contribute knowledge and experience. I strengthen the company’s access to capital and assist in providing just the required and necessary capital and financing.

I’m the link between the company and the funding of the company, that makes a difference for your business.

Experience with assisting foreign establishments in Denmark

After a long career in the financial sector I did start as an independent in the spring of 2020. Most recently I have been working as an advisor in the Growth Fund, where I have worked with raising capital and been financing a wide number of growth and investment plans. I have solid skills and experience in financial counseling, strategic sparring, facilitation, business development and participation in projects.

I have a great understanding of the issues that companies will be facing when raising capital is needed.

Company presence in Denmark

Available throughout Denmark.

In which countries is your company represented


Language Skills

Danish, English