Picture of Ulrik Schultz, professor, and Head of the SDU UAS Center.

International Community Odense helps highly skilled employees settle in Odense

Feb 22, 2024 | Articles, cases, News from the city of Odense, Press Releases, Robotics and Drones

The International Community Odense is a part of the City of Odense, and they aim to facilitate international recruitment for companies based in Odense by assisting their highly skilled employees in settling in the city and introducing them to networks and activities. Recently, they facilitated the relocation of an international couple to Odense, drawn by the city’s thrivning drone ecosystem.

In the spring of 2023, Saki Zamma moved to Denmark with her German husband who had just been hired in as a researcher with the SDU UAS Center. Prior to Saki’s arrival here, she was approached by the City of Odense’s newcomer service, International Community Odense, with whom she had a few online meetings. Back home in Osaka in Japan, she would never have thought of calling or writing a company that she’d like to work for.

“This was something I was encouraged to do when I was looking for a job here in Denmark. And I succeeded in finding a job shortly after we arrived! I was told that I needed to be bolder in my approach than is the custom in Japan. During my job search, International Community were very good at encouraging me,” she says.

Saki Zamma is 28 years old and has a university graduate in economics. She caught an interesting post on LinkedIn that was shared by Shoreline’s Danish CCO. Even though it made her nervous, she sent him a message asking if the company could use someone like her. She received an answer promptly, and after two interviews, she was offered a permanent position as Key Account Manager servicing the company’s Asian clients, at the Esbjerg-based software company, who specialize in offshore wind energy.

“I wouldn’t have found a job as quickly without help”, Saki concludes about the newcomer service that is a collaboration between the University of Southern Denmark and the City of Odense.

Picture of Saki Zamma.

A good welcoming service helps keeping the robotic cluster alive in Odense

Picture of Southern University of Denmark.

Saki lived in Tokyo with her German husband when he got hired as a researcher at the SDU UAS Center.

“When we recruit a new employee from abroad, it’s crucial that the accompanying partner also finds work in Denmark. Otherwise, both parties could very well move back home shortly after having relocated to Denmark”, says Ulrik Schultz Lundquist, professor, and Head of the SDU UAS Center that employs 22 people half of whom are international.

“That is why it is a bonus during the recruitment process when we mention that in Odense, we can offer a spouse service that helps and guides potential accompanying partners in finding work”, he says.

He also emphasizes that a good local researching community is the foundation for having a thriving robot industry.

“We are tasked with researching and developing new technology and testing new methods. Only then the methods are greenlighted and placed in the hands of the rest of the commercialized industry”, he mentions.

“We can’t compete on salary against the robot companies when we attract new talent. It makes it that more important that we can offer to take good care of their families besides offering them an interesting researching position. A good welcoming service really helps in keeping the robotic cluster alive in Odense. We’re only able to develop the drone- and robot technology if we can attract the best researchers”, says the drone professor.

Ulrik Schultz Lundquist

Professor & Head of SDU UAS, University of Southern Denmark

About International Community Odense

ICO has been assisting a range of businesses, especially within IT and robotics, with onboarding of new employees. ICO helps employees settle in Odense by giving advice regarding:

  • registration
  • accommodation
  • childcare and schooling
  • tax
  • social and cultural life
  • and other matters.

ICO also offer a variety of professional and social activities for international employees and their families. At their events, internationals can meet with each other and with Danes, build up social networks and get to know the Danish society.

They have a strong focus on the well-being of the accompanying family and have a specific programme for accompanying partners, including individual counselling with our Partner Career Adviser.

All services are free of charge and provided by City of Odense.

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