The network meeting gave an overview on Danish science projects, dived deep into concrete projects and showed the opportunities for future and challenges for future science projects and education.

Watch or rewatch the presentations here (For a limited period of time until Christmas)

Medical Cannabis Fyn on Youtube

Peter Leutscher

Professor, phd, Regionshospital Nordjylland, stifter af Klinisk Cannabis Forum

Karoline Hesthaven

Forskningsassistent Regionshospital Nordjylland, projektleder, Klinisk Cannabis Forum

Albert Dahan

Formand for LUMC, Leiden University Medical Center, Institutional Review Board

Næstformand for Research Advice Committee, LUMC. Stifter og formand for Anesthesia & Pain Research Unit

Hans Erik Henriksen

Direktør v. Healthcare DENMARK

Stefan Gustavsen

PhD, Forskningsprojekt ved Dansk Multipel Sclerose Center (DMSC) på Rigshospitalet,

Key takings from the event:

  • All Danish University Hospitals runs science projects within medical cannabis
  • There is a huge request for funding for Danish scienceproject about medical cannabis.
  • We need to distinguish between medical cannabis and cannabis based medicine, and most projects in Denmark only handles cannabis based medicine, since there has been a lack of whole plant medical cannabis on the Danish market
  • Indications and studies show good effect and only few small sideeffects for multible sclerose patients using cannabis. However only 1 of 5 of these patients, get their cannabis through the legal prescriptions.
  • The Danish guidance about only prescribing medical cannabis for patients who has no effect on other medications should be changed. For these patients cannabis might not work either, where for other patients, cannabis can be a better solution than
  • An experimental randomized study from Leiden Medical Center shows that the presents of CBD encrease the effect of THC on cronicle pain., but that CBD doesnt have any effect alone. The Leiden Medical Center has now received a huge grant from the Dutch government to continue and scale the research activities within cannabis.  Hear the talk of dr. Albert Dahan to learn more.
  • To be better at prescribing medical cannabis, Danish doctors request more clinical data on fx dosage, effects and sideeffects,
  • Canadian Cannabis Syllabus is a Canadian education, that also Danish doctors can attend – about fx the endocannabinoid system, safety and efficacy of cannabis: Check it out at and see Dr. Hance Clarkes presentation about the Canadian effort to educate doctors in prescribing medical cannabis

A deep dive into two Danish science projects:

  • Søren Sindrup about a randomized double blinded study in cannabis for neuropatic pain. Results will hopefully be ready in the beginning of 2021. Hear about the indications that might show positive results and about the process.
  • Stefan Gustavsen about cannabis for Multible Sclerose patients. The study shows statistic significant positive effect on pain and spasticity.