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Navigating the Investor Landscape at R-24: 5 tips for raising startup capital

Feb 22, 2024 | Articles, cases, Entrepreneurs and startup environment, Event, News from the city of Odense, Press Releases, Robotics and Drones, Seed and Venture Capital

In the dynamic world of robotics and technology, securing the right investment can be the key to propelling a startup’s success.

As R-24’s Investor Summit approaches, startups are presented with a unique opportunity to connect with a diverse range of investors. This guide offers vital tips on how startups can maximize their chances of securing investor backing during this pivotal event.

Five tips for a successful capital raise

Tip 1: Know your potential investor
With a diverse group of potential investors, it’s crucial to recognize which ones align with your startup’s stage and needs. Make sure you tailor your approach to an audience you’re addressing – make sure investor knows why they should invest in you and why now is the time. At R-24’s Investor Summit, you can expect a mix of investors, including venture capitalists and business angels, each with their own focus areas. So, make sure you are aware of the investors strategy and who you will target.

Tip 2: Emphasize relationship building
Investors are looking for more than just your product; they are investing in you and your team. Build genuine connections, not just transactional ones. Utilize the Summit’s networking opportunities to form relationships that would give you an edge, when raising your next round.

Tip 3: Clearly demonstrate your value proposition
Besides a great team and a clear problem, investors need to see the potential for scalability and profitability in your startup. Prepare to showcase your unique solution, how you plan to make money and your go-to market strategy. Highlight how your product stands out especially in the robotics and automation sector.

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Odense Investor Summit 2024

Tip 4: Perfect your pitch

But remember that it is an investor pitch, not technology showcase and the pitch should be a teaser for investors – just enough to get them excited about what you do. Dedicate time to clearly express the problem you have identified, the opportunity or unmet need, and explain how your company (and team) is ideally positioned to tackle that opportunity.

Tip 5: The pitch is about you, not just your product
Remember, your team’s passion, expertise, and vision can be your biggest selling point. Investors at R-24’s Investor Summit are looking for teams that they believe in, not just impressive metrics. Share your story, your motivation, and how your team’s unique skill set makes your startup a promising investment.

Insights from a Pioneering Investor

When asked, Esben Østergaard, Co-Founder of Universal Robots and CEO at REInvest Robotics, he had this advice on how to convince a potential investor to become part of a budding enterprise:

“When evaluating startups for investment, I prioritize innovation, scalability, and a team with a clear, passionate vision. With my extensive background in robotics, I’m particularly drawn to innovations that not only push technological boundaries but do so with precision and foresight that only comes from a deep understanding of what technology can achieve”.

“Robotics, with its vast potential for reshaping industries, requires a visionary approach to truly harness its capabilities for transformative impact. Moreover, sustainability has shifted from an ethical choice to a strategic necessity, embodying resilience, and long-term viability in our work. It’s essential not only to have a groundbreaking idea but also a capable, driven team to transform that idea into a market-changing reality”.

“This blend of technological foresight, sustainability, and team dynamism is what captures my interest as an investor.”


Remember, R-24’s Investor Summit is a unique opportunity to connect with potential investors who are specifically interested in robotics, automation, and innovative technology. Make the most of this platform to propel your startup forward.

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