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Odense connects with global cities to build UAM industry

Nov 2, 2023 | Articles, News from the city of Odense, Robotics and Drones, Seed and Venture Capital

Denmark’s third-largest city, best known for the author H.C. Andersen’s fairy tales, is the latest member of the GURS consortium, joining cities like Paris, Los Angeles, Munich, and the Korean city of Incheon. The GURS consortium brings together some of the leading players in the field of urban air mobility, commonly referred to as drone taxis.

Odense is member of the GURS consortium

On September 26th, Odense’s mayor, Peter Rahbæk Juhl, formally signed the GURS agreement with Incheon’s mayor.

“This could well be the beginning of what will be a whole new way of transporting ourselves and goods in the future. We can see that other countries and cities are already way ahead, and Denmark and Odense must of course also follow this trend. The flying taxis of the future can fly on green power produced by Danish offshore wind turbines, and they can help shift traffic away from the roads.”

Peter Rahbæk Juhl

Mayor of Odense

This is not by chance that Odense is the newest member of the GURS consortium. Odense is one of the world’s leading robot cities, home to companies such as Universal Robots and Mobile Industrial Robots. Odense, Denmark is a leader in the field of collaborative robots, known as cobots, and is internationally acknowledged as the “cobot capital.” The position is developed through a unique collaboration between Odense municipality, local businesses, and the Southern University of Denmark, resulting in the formation of Odense Robotics – Denmark’s world-class robot and drone cluster with more than 300 robotics, automation, and drone companies.

A partnership between HCA Airport and Copenhagen Helicopter was recently made, to establish a landing and take-off site for drone taxis on top of Odense’s railway station. They will be the first in Denmark to build infrastructure for electrically powered drone taxis, meant to ferry people between the largest cities in the country. The new green infrastructure called Advanced Air Mobility, or AAM, is being developed based on the results of similar infrastructure in Los Angeles, Munich, and Seoul, which has paved the way for the infrastructure to be built in Denmark due to their work in the GURS consortium.


“Advanced Air Mobility is based on a new revolution in aviation that says goodbye to fossil fuels in favour of electrification and biofuels – which we already know from the transition from traditional cars to hybrid and electric cars and later self-driving cars. It offers a whole new opportunity to transport people on a daily basis via the skies, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions, reducing noise levels and much more.”

John Martin Winther Andersen

CEO, Copenhagen Helicopters

UAS Denmark

In Odense, you will discover one of Europe’s leading drone test centers known as the UAS Denmark Test Center, which is a part of HCA Airport and plays a crucial role in advancing the UAM industry in the city. Furthermore, Odense thrives on a robust collaboration between academia, industry, and the government, offering a comprehensive hub with access to talent, research and development opportunities, and valuable data and insight in the UAM field.

The UAS Denmark Test Center offers a unique one-stop-shop solution for UAM actors who are looking for facilities to conduct operations. The test center is composed of three main pillars:

  • Easy access to flight: 1900 km2 airspace over land and sea
  • Access to laboratory and workshop facilities, at the SDU Drone test center
  • Easy risk assessment support and flight approval requests with authorities
  • Business Park: offices, manufacturing and warehouse space, meeting facilities, land for rent, and easy access to business partners

The UAS Denmark Test Center is based on a three-part collaboration between the international Hans Christian Andersen Airport, the Municipality of Odense, and the University of Southern Denmark.

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