Odense Port surpasses the former Lindø Shipyard

Dec 13, 2023 | Articles, cases, News from the city of Odense, Robotics and Drones, Seed and Venture Capital

The workforce at Odense Port has now reached 3,200 employees, surpassing the historic Lindø Shipyard, when it was announced to be closing in 2009.

When it closed in 2012, the shipyard had been one of Denmark’s industrial prides and private workplaces for more than 100 years. Today, the port is no longer dominated by shipbuilding but hosts over 100 companies specializing in offshore wind and the broader offshore sector. Through planned expansion, Odense Port aims to secure employment for up to 6,000 people, contributing significantly to Denmark and Europe’s green transition goals.

At the time of Lindø Shipyard’s closure announcement, it employed approximately 2,700 people at the shipyard. However, today, Odense Port hosts even more employees, with a recent count revealing 3,200 passing through its gates on a typical workday – surpassing the shipyard, once renowned as one of Denmark’s largest private workplaces.



“For us at Odense Port, this is a milestone that we are crossing. I vividly recall the atmosphere surrounding the closure of the Lindø Shipyard. If someone back then had said that today there would be more employees at the port, it would have raised eyebrows. It is, therefore, a fantastic story that Odense Port, in less than 15 years, has risen from what some feared would be an industrial ruin to become Denmark’s largest production port for offshore wind turbines. This has happened thanks to brave and correct political decisions,”

Carsten Aa

CEO, Odense Port

Odense Port as an Offshore Hub

Throughout the 20th century, first Odense Steel Shipyard and later Lindø Shipyard were synonymous with growth and employment. However, today Odense Port is a diverse array of large and small companies in the wind turbine industry. Within a few years, it has become a significant hub for offshore activities, with over 100 companies contributing crucial components to offshore wind turbine production. 

vestas is ramping up its offshore wind turbine production

Vestas, a key player at Odense Port, is expanding its offshore wind turbine production.

In 2024, an additional 150 employees will be hired to produce nacelles (wind turbine heads), resulting in an almost 40% increase in the workforce to 550 employees.

This expansion translates to increased activity for several of Vestas’ subcontractors at the port like Fayard and Bladt Industries, and further solidifying Odense port’s position as a focal point for the global wind industry’s activities.

Vestas has produced 600+ nacelles at the facilities at Odense Port, and an upgrade for future production of the world’s largest nacelle, V236, is underway.

Fayard, the largest service yard in the Nordic region, has 20% of its turnover in offshore wind.

South Korean company acquires one of the leading suppliers at Odense Port

Several companies at the port of Odense are experiencing growth. Bladt Industries, one of the leading suppliers to the expanding offshore wind industry, has been acquired by CS WIND from South Korea, a globally recognized company specializing in the manufacture of wind turbine towers. CS WIND aims to support the company’s journey to become a specialized, global facilitator for green transition.

Bladt Industries has produced 110+ jacket foundations, and an upgrade for new production of the world’s largest monopiles (offshore wind turbine foundations with a diameter of up to 15 meters, length of 120 meters, and weight of up to 3,000 tons) is underway.

Facts about Odense Port A/S

Odense Port is Northern Europe’s largest production port for offshore wind. As a vital player in the green transition, the port anticipates even more growth in the coming years. By 2030, Odense Port anticipates that around 6,000 people could be employed at the port, due to the rising demand for larger offshore wind turbines. With access to extensive commercial land, modern equipment, and the world’s largest mobile harbor crane, Odense Port stands poised to play a crucial role in shaping the future of the offshore wind industry.

Odense Port is a joint-stock company, with the Municipality of Odense owning 100% of the shares.

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