The investment landscape around the Odense’s ecosystem has been growing exponentially since 2015, at the beginning of 2020 surpassing the 800m EUR. With a vibrant community gathered around the local robotics cluster, we have registered over 130 active VC investors, 85 investors in robotics and almost 100 corporates. When going a little bit more in detail, the data showcases an interesting phenomenon – exit capital is being reinvested in the local ecosystem. All those insights and more and now available at your fingertips!

We have always been putting our best efforts to keep up with the new developments surrounding local robotics startups and SMEs. Now, the time has come to launch our first attempt to provide even more detailed picture of what has been so successfully happening on the island of Fyn. As of the 20th of August, our business intelligence platform is officially live and available at On top of that, we proudly present you with ‘The State of the Robotics Investment Landscape’ – a report, which marks the beginning of the platform.

If you do not know much about the Odense’s investment scheme – here is great introduction to it. Those who consider themselves well-informed, will be able to gain further insights and interesting nuances. Besides the key figures, the platform gives access to a detailed investment history of each cluster company, as well as each active investor in the cluster. As a good supplement, the report touches upon several points including showcasing Odense’s capabilities within the robotics investment, ranking of our most active investors and lastly benchmarking Odense against the rest of Denmark and other countries.

Numbers and figures are complimented by the testimonials from active investors in the ecosystem, one of them being Lars Rønn, Partner at Vækstfonden, who highlights: ‘The ecosystem is growing at a path and pace which is outstanding, which is attracting awareness globally, not just in Denmark.’ The international attention and a hunger for more is what motivated us to bring the Odense Investor Summit to automatica 2020. The 5th edition will take place on the 9th of December, where in compliance with regulations, we will gather investor-ready start-ups & SMEs, together with investors. With the current developments, we are ready to conquer Munich, but also prepared for alternative solutions. Nevertheless, each and every year our goal is to bridge the gap between the companies and investors, by facilitating exclusive matchmaking. Enrico Krog Iversen, CEO at OnRobot, explains the phenomenon of the Odense Investor Summit: ‘It is a key event when it comes to linking companies in the cluster with existing and potential investors. And it is an important tool when it comes to branding Odense as the leading robotics city in the world’. The application for this year’s Odense Investor Summit is now open. If you’re a company looking for funding, you can apply today via the following link.

 We hope to see you there! Meanwhile, this tool will serve as a conversation starter and its launch will enable us to further improve and continue the work in collaboration with our partners to improve the platform. Further development will focus on gathering even more accurate data, which will be summed up in a revised report in 2021, establishing a new yearly tradition at Odense Seed and Venture!

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