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The Danish medical cannabis ecosystem: a model of cooperation

Apr 14, 2023 | Articles, Biotech and Life Science, Medical Cannabis

The cannabis industry in Europe is one of the most promising new industries of the decade. With its value predicted to hit €3.2 billion by 2025, everyone is keeping a close eye on the key players within the industry, Denmark being one of them. The country is becoming a prime example of how cooperation can help foster an environment where medical cannabis can thrive. Little Green Pharma, Aurora Nordic, and, most recently, Bedrocan have all decided to call Denmark home.

Moving Cannabis reserach forward

One of the ways Denmark is strengthening its medical cannabis industry is by increasing the knowledge and trust of both doctors and patients towards cannabis-based medication. One of the best ways to do so is by conducting more research and clinical trials on the potential health benefits of cannabis and sharing it with professionals and the general public.

There are multiple cannabis studies being conducted across universities and hospitals throughout the country, often in collaboration with businesses. The University of Southern Denmark (SDU) and Copenhagen University (UCPH), for example, are already highly involved in collaborative research on medical cannabis.

Every year, researchers and doctors get a chance to share their findings on the subject at The Danish Society for Clinical Cannabis Medicine (DSKCan) Annual Meeting in Odense. Furthermore, in order to encourage knowledge-sharing, the meeting is open to commercial players.

Attending the DSKCan event provides businesses with a unique opportunity to network, brainstorm and discuss the latest research findings on medical cannabis. It is also a place where companies and scientists can find collaborative opportunities to help move cannabis research and development forward. 

One of the 10 speakers presenting at the event is Frederik Rosenbæk from SDU. He is currently running a study on patients’ experiences and attitudes towards medical cannabis.

“These meetings are very important. They allow us to network with other researchers doing similar work, but also with the industry. That way, we can see how far businesses have got, what their challenges are, what milestones they are trying to hit, and if we can collaborate in some way.”

Frederik Rosenbæk

PHD Student, SDU

On top of networking and brainstorming, the DSKCan event is also about knowledge-sharing. Every year presentations cover a wide range of topics, including patient experiences, clinical trials, and the role of cannabinoids and terpenes in treating various conditions. What makes the research presented so valuable and unique is that it is highly patient-focused.


Mia Hovgaard Jessen from Aalborg University, who will talk about research and evidence in cannabis medicine for relieving chronic pain, also looks forward to sharing her findings.

“I think it’s very important to have such events. Many cannabis studies are currently ongoing in Denmark and have not been published yet. Meeting up with people who are working on them is a great way to find out what is happening within Danish academia. “

Mia Hovgaard Jessen

Med. Student, Aalborg University


DSKCan is one of many networking opportunities available in the City of Odense.

Its collaborative atmosphere within the cannabis ecosystem is one of the key reasons numerous cannabis companies relocate to Odense. This small but forward-thinking city makes it easy for businesses to join forces with like-minded organisations and make a positive impact on the medical cannabis industry.

 he cannabis ecosystem in Odense (and the surrounding area) has already been an important factor in the successful establishment and growth of many cannabis companies, including fx Schroll Medical, little Green Pharma, Aurora Nordic.

This EU-GMP certified breeder, cultivator and manufacturer of medicinal cannabis flowers and full-spectrum extracts is an excellent example of private and public sector collaboration. The company has worked closely with the Department of Green Technology at the University of Southern Denmark to help move research and development forward in the field. The same department has also previously helped farmers transition from regular crops to cannabis plants.

This particular cooperation between SDU and Schroll Medical has allowed the company to get access to new knowledge on cannabinoids and terpenes. The success story of Schroll Medical is just one of many. In fact, 95% of medical cannabis companies operating in Denmark have collaborated with at least one other organisation between 2019 and 2022. Invest in Odense has played a significant role in bringing many of these collaborators together by facilitating various networking opportunities within the medical cannabis ecosystem.

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