Cobot Hub opening.

The world’s largest Cobot Hub and a ‘Made in Odense’ Stamp: A testament to collaboration and innovation

May 27, 2024 | Articles, cases, Entrepreneurs and startup environment, Event, News, News from the city of Odense, Press Releases, Robotics and Drones, Seed and Venture Capital

Odense is about to make headlines yet again as it unveils two groundbreaking initiatives set to redefine the city’s business landscape.

From the launch of the “Made in Odense” stamp to the opening of the world’s largest hub for cobots and autonomous mobile robots, Odense is cementing itself as a global leader in robotics innovation. 

The New Cobot Hub: Pioneering Collaborative Robotics 

The 14th of May, the world’s largest cobot hub officially opened in Odense.

This new state-of-the-art facility, a collaboration between Universal Robots and Mobile Industrial Robots, represents a significant investment in the field of robotics.

Teradyne, their joint parent company from the US, provided the financial backing, an initial investment of $36 million, to construct the hub. The facility spans 32,000 square metres and sits on a 50,000 square metre site next to the Universal Robots previous headquarters, in Odense’s industrial zone.

The sheer scale and ambition of this project is set to only reinforce Odense’s nickname as the “Cobot Capital” of the world. 

“The inauguration of the cobot hub marks a great moment for Odense’s technological future. It not only underscores our city’s commitment to innovation, but also solidifies our position as a global hub for robotics.” 

Peter Rahbæk Juel

Mayor of Odense

Cobot Hub opening.

“Made in Odense”: A Symbol of Excellence 

Complementing the launch of the cobot hub is the introduction of the “Made in Odense” stamp, which was launched on the 1st of May. The purpose of the stamp is to represent innovation and excellence of the highest degree from the city’s thriving ecosystem of companies and institutions. The project is a collaborative effort between the City of Odense and local entities, such as Universal Robots, Odense Boldklub, University of Southern Denmark, Odense Robotics, Evosep and several more. 

“Made in Odense” is more than just a label. The stamp is meant to symbolise a set of values that define the city’s high status as a hub for new technologies. Based on a shared vision to commit to excellence, creativity, and progress, this stamp serves as a proof of Odense’s dedication to fostering an ecosystem of innovation and collaboration. The stamp not only aims to promote a collective effort to uphold the highest standards of quality in technological advancements, but also encourage cultural initiatives. 

At universal Robots, we use the Made in Odense stamp because we are proud of our heritage. Being Made in Odense has a certain impact and has become a brand internationally. By using the stamp, it allows us and everyone else – the opportunity to communicate what Odense truly represents. It is a city with proud traditions, but also actively moving forward.”  

Kim Povlsen

CEO, Universal Robots

Odense Investor Summit 2022.

Upholding Odense’s Values and Spreading Awareness 

Embedded in the “Made in Odense” stamp lies a code of conduct, which follows a set of principles reflecting Odense’s values and spirit. The purpose of the code of conduct is to emphasise the importance of collaboration and knowledge sharing, and encourage community engagement. By implementing these principles into the city’s thriving ecosystem, Odense will be able to tap into its rich cultural heritage and promote itself as a place where industry thrives and innovation is celebrated. 

Companies displaying the “Made in Odense” stamp not only prove their commitment to the city’s values, but also help spread awareness of Odense as an attractive place for investment and talent. The stamp is a signal to the world that this city is pushing technological advancements to the limit. 

Commitment to excellence and innovation

At the unveiling of the world’s largest cobot hub on the 14th of May, guests were welcomed by the “Made in Odense” stamp, which will be adorned at the entrance to the facility. As these two initiatives converge, the cobot hub serves as the perfect landmark, and the “Made in Odense” stamp as the perfect symbol, in the city’s commitment to excellence and innovation. 

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