The world’s leading robotics city – also from a child’s perspective

Sep 19, 2023 | Articles, News from the city of Odense, Robotics and Drones

Living in the world’s leading robotics city and having the world’s best robotics school, means that students can feel they are growing up in a city where technology and robots are a significant part of their future.

The Odin school and other public schools in Odense contribute to making the world’s leading robotics city a great place to live for adults and children alike. The school officially opened in April 2023.

The World’s Best Robotics School in Odense


What sets the Odin school apart is the unwavering aspiration to be the world’s best robotics school, firmly rooted in the core values and diversity of the Danish public school system, while leveraging Odense’s strength from the robotics industry and ecosystem.

This solid foundation allows a special emphasis on shaping and educating students in robot technology.


“It is a great idea to teach children about how they can master technology instead of the other way around. The children here at the Odin School may be the future key workers in our robotic industry, and possibly the next inventor of the good solution for reaching our climate goals and changing our world for the better”

Peter Rahbæk Juel

Mayor of Odense

Creating the world’s Best Robotics School is a shared effort

In collaboration with Odense’s renowned robotics companies, such as Universal Robots, Mobile Industrial Robots, OnRobot to name a few, the school offers students opportunities to study the exciting possibilities in technology.


“Odense is one of the most successful cities within robotics, and this collaboration between the private sector, the public sector, and the educational systems throughout the whole value chain is creating something positive in Odense. We would like to contribute to continuing this positive cycle within the city to grow it even more”

Rasmus Smet Jensen

VP, Marketing & strategy, Mobile Industrial Robots

Determined to turn Odense into The World’s Leading Robotics city, the City Council agreed on a 2030 masterplan, where private corporations, citizens, the City Council, and academia, collaborate to ensure that Odense remains a leading agent, not only presently, but well into the future, and the journey to create the world’s best robotics school is one of many examples of this collaboration.

It makes great sense for us to collaborate with the city of Odense around this. It’s not something we can do alone as a company; it is a shared effort. We work for a world where people work with robots and not like robots and what better way to do that than to have robots in the hands of our children

Morten Boris Højgaard

Head of Incubation and Partnerships, Universal Robots

At the world’s best robotics school, students are nurtured and educated in technology. Students can learn, experience, and work with the newest technology as companies from the city secure the newest technology at the school.


The City of Odense has a vision of becoming the center of a global movement. A movement where people work with robots, not like robots – a movement where robots elevate the potential of the individual. A movement where the community is reinforced by technology. And a movement where robots relieve people of enervating tasks, enabling them to engage in creative and productive endeavors – generating time and energy, resulting in physical and mental well-being.

Further information

Thor Ellegaard

Program Manager of Robotics and Automation

I work to secure the knowledge and skillset of our future global workforce. Collaborating with local, national, and global robotics and tech companies to build the absolute best Robotics School K-12 in the world. As a Program Manager in the field of Robotics and Automation for the City of Odense, my main objective is to create mutually beneficial public-private partnerships.

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