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Jul 27, 2023 | Articles, News, Robotics and Drones, Seed and Venture Capital

Robotics and automation are in the city of Odense’s DNA, and with a robust infrastructure, strong investment track record, and engineering excellence, Odense is the perfect destination to settle or establish your robotics entity. Odense’s strategic location provides seamless access to European markets, supported by a well-developed transportation infrastructure.

Join the thriving robotics cluster of Odense and unlock opportunities for your business. Benefit from a vibrant ecosystem that fosters startups, and close collaboration between industry and academia. Access cutting-edge research and tap into a skilled workforce experienced in robotics and automation.

small country, big robot nation

Denmark’s robotics, automation, and drone industry has grown significantly and is an internationally recognized global frontrunner. Denmark has 6 million inhabitants but a significant density of robotics companies. There are more than 500 robotics, automation, and drone companies in Denmark, employing a total of 17,500.

Odense is the birth town of the world-known author Hans Christian Andersen. And the robotics industry is the most recent fairy tale. Odense has a population of 200,000 and has become a leading ecosystem for robotics companies with 162 headquarters on the island of Funen / in the city of Odense – most in Denmark.

The Odense area is a global stronghold for collaborative and mobile robots. More than 40% of companies work with collaborative robots or mobile robots and related products. Cobots are now the fastest-growing segment within industrial automation.

National Robotics Cluster - Odense Robotics

Located in Odense, you have the possibility of joining our national cluster, Odense Robotics. Denmark’s national robot, automation and drone cluster – Odense Robotics – brings together the entire ecosystem to drive innovation and growth in the industry nationwide. Odense robotics accelerates innovation and growth amongst the country’s robot, automation, and drone companies.

Efficient ecosystem supporting startups

Odense Investor Summit has been held yearly since 2015, and the event grows bigger every year. Exit capital being reinvested in the local ecosystem is a particularly interesting phenomenon, specific for the Odense area. There are approx. 300 investors who invest in robotics. Investors see potential in Danish robotics inventions: EUR 900+ million have been invested in robotics companies in Odense since 2015.

Odense Robotics StartUp Fund helps ambitious robotics and drone entrepreneurs from Denmark and abroad by providing access to founder-friendly investment, cutting-edge know-how from leading robotic business leaders and world-class incubator facilities at the Danish Technological Institute in Odense. A total of 32 companies have been part of the Odense Robotics incubator since its inception in 2015. Investors have invested EUR 25+ million in companies in the Startup Hub.

Robotics for children

Already in kindergarten, kids in Odense play with robots. This is a part of the city’s vision of giving future generations an understanding of technology, the digital universe and the opportunities and limitations it holds.

Hands-on robotics is also the focus at the new elementary school in Odense; “Odinschool – the worlds leading robotics school”. Robothus Fyn and Teknologiskolen, providing older children and young people with practical robotics experience and learning.

biotech and life science

Besides robotics and automation, Odense is also at the forefront of innovation in the life science, biotech, and green tech industries. With over 3,000 professionals working across more than 50 companies, Odense has established itself as a thriving hub for cutting-edge advancements.

Over the past 3 years, the sector has witnessed a staggering investment of 2 billion EUROs, a testament to its potential and growth prospects.

At the heart of the dynamic ecosystem is Life Science Fyn, a collaborative effort that brings together companies, the University of Southern Denmark, and the University Hospital, OUH. This partnership ensures a resilient and fruitful Public/Private alliance aimed at fostering the development of the industry in and around Odense. Read more here: Biotech and Life Science in Odense.


we help you settle and grow

Invest in Odense works with representatives from industry, knowledge institutions, and governments to strengthen the biotech, life science and medical cannabis industry. We help companies to set up their business in Odense, so if you are looking for the right place to locate your company, we would love to help you.

Odense is much more than business

Odense is rapidly evolving, and if you haven’t visited in the last few years, you’ll be surprised by all the new possibilities. A new H.C. Andersen House, a brand new quarter in the city center covering the real estate that the enormous 4-lane thoroughfare used to cover, the light rail is running, exciting things are happening at the harbor, and much more. 


  • Whether you’re into fine dining, street food, or traditional Danish food, Odense has it all. You can also visit the city’s food market, and sample the fresh Funen vegetables or local cheeses.

  • In 2023 Odense can claim its first Michelin star at ARO.

  • The website of Visit Odense provides an outline of Odense for foodies.

Denmark's Greenest City?

Odense has 550 kilometers of cycle paths, 65 bicycle tunnels, and 125 bicycle bridges, all helping to keep the flow of cyclists moving smoothly. In Odense, 26 % of all trips are done by bicycle.

The Light Rail opened in Odense in 2022, providing seamless transportation to and from the bus or train, with frequent transit times.

The city is filled with gardens and parks, trees flank the major roads and Odense River snakes straight through the center. We believe that all the greenery helps create the good and relaxed atmosphere that characterizes Odense.

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