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Warehouse Automation Startup Kasparium Becomes Third Entrant into Odense Robotics Startup Fund

Mar 20, 2024 | Articles, cases, Entrepreneurs and startup environment, News from the city of Odense, Press Releases, Robotics and Drones, Seed and Venture Capital

Inspiration struck unexpectedly for e-commerce specialist Tommy Bjørbæk and software/system integrator Morten Bitsch, leading to the conception of a new warehouse automation system. Their determination to democratize warehouse automation, typically monopolized by industrial giants, has resulted in the creation of a more modular and scalable solution.

Now, having secured a spot in the Danish Technological Institute’s robot incubator through the Odense Robotics StartUp Fund, their concept is poised to revolutionize the industry. This fund offers robot and drone startups, both domestic and international, access to soft funding, mentors, and a dedicated incubator environment in Odense.

“We saw a gap in the market. Currently, warehouse automation caters mainly to large players, while small- and medium-sized warehouses struggle with solutions that lack adaptability. Our goal is to create a system that occupies only 50 percent of a traditional warehouse’s space and can be scaled and relocated as businesses outgrow their existing premises,” says Morten Bitsch, CEO and co-founder of Kasparium.

The global warehouse automation market is estimated to be over DKK 160 billion in 2023. It is expected to grow by approximately 15 percent in the coming years, reaching a size of over 285 billion Danish kroner by 2027.

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Kasparium has an experienced founding duo at the helm

In 2015, Tommy Bjørbæk established a successful third-party logistics warehouse that had to change locations multiple times as the business continued to expand. 

“Later, I reflected on what system would have been perfect while my company was growing, while we were still small, and while we moved from one location to another. The conclusion was a modular warehouse automation system that could seamlessly adapt to our dynamic business needs,” says Tommy Bjørbæk, co-founder of Kasparium. 

Along the way, he encountered Morten Bitsch, whose proficiency encompasses software development and strategic leadership. United by a shared vision, they resolved to amalgamate their expertise, knowledge, and skills to establish a company poised to cater to a burgeoning sector of the warehouse and logistics market.

Provided with many opportunities

The dream to create a modular, space-saving system composed of shelving units that adjust as needed is now set to become a reality through the support of the Odense Robotics StartUp Fund and the Danish Technological Institute’s incubator. Within these environments, the founders and their team will leverage state-of-the-art facilities, expertise, and a vast network for further development.

“We applied for admission to the Odense Robotics StartUp Fund and the incubator at the Danish Technological Institute because we saw that it could offer us numerous opportunities. We recognised its potential to assist us in hardware development, software development and overall business modelling – leveraging a wide range of competencies that the people here excel in,” says Morten Bitsch. 

The Odense Robotics StartUp Fund also pairs entrepreneurs with esteemed mentors from Denmark’s robotics sector. Notable mentors in this program include Enrico Krog Iversen, CEO of OnRobot, Niels Jul Jacobsen, CEO of Capra Robotics, and Thomas Visti, a seasoned investor who previously served as the CCO of Universal Robots and CEO of Mobile Industrial Robots.

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