We support companies and investors to identify the best business opportunities in the City of Odense.

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Welcome to Invest in Odense, your dedicated partner for investment promotion and economic development in the vibrant city of Odense. Our mission is to provide the support you need, completely free of charge, as you explore and capitalize on the numerous business opportunities available in Odense.

Since our establishment in 2015, we have successfully attracted international businesses and investments to Odense. Our team, comprised of leading experts in the field, has been instrumental in fostering economic growth by securing and developing favorable conditions within the city’s key strengths.

At Invest in Odense, we take pride in our well-connected network within the city. Whether you are looking to establish a new venture or invest in existing opportunities, we are here to support you. Leveraging our strong ties, we strive to provide you with the best possible start for success in Odense. 

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We connect foreign businesses and investors with relevant partners, so you have the best possible start and success in Odense.


We must work together to allow for continuous progression, and we will aim to be your partner, and share our knowledge and insight relevant for you to move your business to Odense.


We encourage, share our knowledge, and inspire each other to take the time and energy to develop and create an attractive business environment in Odense.

The business insights you need

Each year we do an updated report on the investment landscape of robotics and medical cannabis to give an overview of the development within the development of the industries in Odense.

Strong partnership with Invest in Denmark

Invest in Odense works closely together with Invest in Denmark – a free and confidential gateway to setting up a business in Denmark, from entry to further expansion.

Use our knowledge and strong networks

Invest in Odense consists of a team of dedicated colleagues, all with core competencies in helping companies grow.

We do this according to the city’s strengths, including robots and drones, biotech and life science, entrepreneurship, and much more.

Feel free to contact us at any time and we will be delighted to help you grow your business.

Odense’s strongholds are our key competences 

The city of Odense has become a hotbed for cobot innovation, biotech and life science, and in Invest in Odense, these industries are our strongholds too. If you are not familiar with Odense, you are most certainly familiar with some of the companies from the city, including Universal Robots, Mobile Industrial Robots, Blue Ocean Robotics, Evosep, and Quantum Labs.

Odense has become a hub in part due to early successes in robotics innovation from the city. Much of the success can be attributed to pioneers in the industry, their willingness to re-invest exit capital, and that the municipality itself is making significant investments to support growth in the industries.

Our Investment Managers help businesses settle and grow as well as match them with the most suitable local partners.