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“Made in Odense” is a collective stamp developed in collaboration with businesses and stakeholders in the city. This seal signifies that both the businesses and the city take pride in being from Odense.

Odense is not just a geographical place in the middle of Denmark. The city is a living ecosystem, an organic interaction between people who engage across businesses, projects, networks, organizations, and communities. The city is small enough for knowledge sharing, collaboration, and proximity to remain paramount, fostering the team spirit needed to move the city forward and create growth.

At the same time, Odense is large enough to have the space and opportunity to attract innovative companies, unique tourist experiences, attractive workplaces, exciting cultural activities, and everything else that makes the city what it is.

Members of Made in Odense

Made in Odense unites some of the largest companies in the Odense business community, marked by the use of an official stamp.

In the movie, you will meet some of the members of Made in Odense, ranging from the robotics industry to offshore enterprises and local sports clubs.

Experience Life in odense

Denmark consistently ranks among the top three happiest countries in the World Happiness Report. But what contributes to this high level of happiness among Danes? The key lies in their strong focus on work-life balance and their deep emphasis on overall well-being.

In addition to offering good career opportunities, Odense is a vibrant, urban city where you can enjoy a cozy atmosphere, savour the diverse local food scene, or stroll through one of the city’s many green spaces.

Our positions of strenght make the difference

Just an hour by train from the capital, Odense is a vibrant city at the heart of Denmark, pulsing with innovation. Despite its modest size, it boasts the highest concentration of robotics companies in the region, forming one of the world’s leading clusters. In Odense alone, you will find more than 160 robotics companies employing 3,700 people. Since 2015, over 1 billion euros have been invested in this sector, driving rapid growth.

Odense is also experiencing a surge in the biotech and life science industries, with over 2 billion euros invested in companies in the city. These thriving industries employ 3,000 professionals, cementing Odense’s status as a dynamic hub of employment and opportunity.

Odense: Where fairytales meet intelligence

In the heart of Denmark lies the city of wonder – Odense. Here, the echoes of history blend seamlessly with the rhythms of modernity, charm, and innovation.

Once home to the legendary storyteller Hans Christian Andersen, who was born amidst humble surroundings. He found inspiration in the city, crafting stories that have travelled through time and space, touching hearts across generations. From ”The Little Mermaid” to ”The Ugly Duckling,” his imagination knew no bounds, leaving a permanent mark on literature. From his original birth home to the modern Hans Christian Andersen House, his spirit lives on in every corner of the city.

But Odense’s legacy of enchantment did not stop with Andersen’s pen. In the corridors of innovation, another chapter was being written. Here, amidst the clinking of metal and the spark of ideas, cobots were born. These collaborative robots, designed to work alongside humans, emerged from the fertile ground of Odense’s technological prowess. With their automated efficiency and unwavering precision, they revolutionized industries, shaping the future of manufacturing and beyond.

So come, wander through the city of wonder, where fairytales meet intelligence in a historical dance with modern rhythms. Experience the magic of Odense, where history and innovation intertwine to create a city unlike any other.

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Ane Kirk

Teamlead of Marketing & City Branding

I draw on my +10 years of experience in marketing and branding when I, on our platforms and in collaboration with companies, partners, and in a municipal context, must ensure that the story of the vibrant city of Odense is told both nationally and internationally.

+45 2748 2749


Mette Falk

Marketing Manager - Invest in Odense

As the Marketing Manager for Invest in Odense, I am passionate about showcasing the strengths and potential our city holds. With a background steeped in marketing and a deep affection for the city of Odense, I am excited to lead initiatives that position Odense as a global hub within our specific strongholds.

+45 2368 8982