Odense has become a true magnet for robot conferences. Through collaborative efforts from SDU, Odense Municipality, Odense Robotics, and Destination Fyn, yet another significant international conference has been secured, gathering researchers and developers from across the globe. The upcoming ICSR conference, emphasizing human-like robots utilized for social interactions, marks the fourth major robotics conference on Funen within just a year and a half.

Magnet for robotics conferences

Funen has recently become a busy hub for robotics conferences, hosting events such as the European Robotics Forum, R-24, and most recently, ROSCon.

Now, another significant conference in the field is set to take place in the region during week 43. Anticipated to draw approximately 250 participants from around the globe, including leading researchers and professionals in social robot technology and human-robot interaction.

Social robots like Kismet, Tico, Bandit, Jibo, and others, which actively engage with humans, are eager to explore the offerings of the world’s foremost robot city. Equally enthusiastic are the international organizers.

Professor John-John Cabibihan, the founder of Global Robotics, Arts, and Science Synergies—the international association behind the conference—expresses:

“We chose Odense as the venue for the ICSR + AI conference in 2024 due to its status as a global hub for robotics technology. With numerous companies, research institutions, and public organizations collaborating synergistically in this filed, Odense stood out as an ideal location. Our aim was to offer participants a firsthand encounter with this thriving hub of innovation, fostering the exchange of scientific and technical insights to the advantage of all involved parties.”

John-John Cabibihan

Founder of Global Robotics, Arts, and Science Synergies

A new chapter in the city’s robot history

“There is no doubt that attracting the ICSR conference adds another exciting chapter to our story of the world’s leading robotics city. A chapter supported, among other things, by social activities during the conference, ensuring that conference participants can get to know our city better,” says Joost Nijhoff, head of Growth and Tourism in Odense Municipality.

Joost Nijhoff

Head of Growth and tourism, The City of Odense

The opportunity to create synergy with the ROSCon conference, scheduled just prior to the ICSR conference, is particularly appealing to the organizers. Not only will there be an overlap among participants, but there will also be an opportunity for attendees of one conference to extend their stay in Odense, driven by pure curiosity about the other event.

“Beyond ROSCon, the week leading up to the ICSR conference presents a distinctive chance to encounter robots within the setting of one of the world’s largest badminton tournaments in Odense. We are committed to maximizing the synergies between these events,” explains Kent Kordt Röder, Business Tourism Manager at Destination Fyn, who is dedicated to ensure the lasting effects of conferences within the Funen strength position.

Kent Kordt Röder

Business Tourism Manager, Destination Fyn

Experience distinctive “use-cases” and engage with leading companies

Linked to the conference in Odense, attendees will have the chance to experience some exceptionally distinctive “use-cases” and engage with leading companies in the field. This prospect is equally thrilling for the companies involved:

“We greatly welcome the arrival of these conferences to our city. It significantly supports us in our search for skilled labor, as numerous developers, researchers, and experts in robotics have the chance to visit and experience firsthand what Odense and Funen have to offer,” remarks CEO and President Jean-Pierre Hathout at Mobile Industrial Robots (MIR).

Jean-Pierre Hathout

CEO, Mobile Industrial Robots (MIR)

In the local research environment of the Mærsk McKinney Møller Institute, one of Europe’s leading institutions, the impact of hosting a conference like ICSR is indisputable.


“It presents a significant opportunity for SDU and Odense to host the ICSR. Engaging in scientific discourse with the attendees not only facilitates learning and improvement, but also provides a remarkable platform for showcasing our research and distinctive robot ecosystem to a global audience. We hope that numerous ideas and collaborations will arise from the event. Additionally, we’re organizing outreach activities where the public can about social robot technology,” explains lecturer Oskar Palinko.

Oskar Palinko

Lecturer, SDU

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