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Odense – a city at the forefront of innovation in the life science, biotech, and green tech industries. With over 3,000 professionals working across more than 50 companies, Odense has established itself as a thriving hub for cutting-edge advancements.

Over the past 3 years, the sector has witnessed a staggering investment of 2 billion EUROs, a testament to its potential and growth prospects.

At the heart of the dynamic ecosystem is Life Science Fyn, a collaborative effort that brings together companies, the University of Southern Denmark, and the University Hospital, OUH. This partnership ensures a resilient and fruitful Public/Private alliance aimed at fostering the development of the industry in and around Odense.

Biotech and life science in numbers

employees in life science, biotech and green tech in Odense

mil. EURO is invested in the industries in and around Odense since 2020

billion euros is the number of Danish life science exports in 2022

Data from june 2023

Why choose Odense for LIFE SCIENCE and biotech activities?

  • Strong Life Science industry

  • Skilled and highly educated labor force

  • Strong ecosystem of companies and public partners

  • Strong government support for the medical cannabis industry

  • Ease of moving to Odense for foreign employees

Want the latest insights on the biotech and life science industry?

Odense’s biotech and life science industry faces significant growth. Companies in the industry realized 127% growth in average revenue last year. 

The fact sheet gives you all the latest facts and figures on the growing industry.

A unique ecosystem of medical cannabis

What is it that makes Odense so special in relation to medical cannabis? The main reason is the ecosystem drawn from two industries; a strong tradition in greenhouse-based horticulture and one of the world’s most advanced pharmaceutical industries, resulting in Odense has become a European hotspot for medical cannabis. Take a deep dive into the ecosystem in the video.

companies have been granted permission to cultivate and handle medical cannabis in denmark

mil. EURO is invested in Medical Cannabis companies in Denmark in the last 5 years

million USD is the estimated worth of the European market for medical cannabis

employees in the medical cannabis industry in Denmark

Data from 2018-2021

We help you settle and grow

Invest in Odense works with representatives from industry, knowledge institutions, and governments to strengthen the biotech, life science and medical cannabis industry. We help companies to set up their business in Odense, so if you are looking for the right place to locate your company, we would love to help you.

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Why choose Odense? A vibrant city in the middle of Denmark


In Odense, you can have a thriving career and yet have time to enjoy a vibrant and green city with high living standards and work-life balance.

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If you are looking for investments to ramp up your business idea – or activities related to the growing medical cannabis industry, then you should consider being part of our next Odense Investor Summit – Cannabis & Life Science event.


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I help foreign companies in the biotech and life science industry to establish in Odense and connect them to relevant business partners and opportunities here. My background is in health tech, but I’ve focused on broader life science sectors since 2018.

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