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Odense is the world’s leading cobot hub with an exceptional ecosystem

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In Odense, the key elements to a thriving robotics industry are united: economy, expertise, capacity. As the world’s leading cobot hub with an excellent startup environment, a huge national cluster, academic centers, and advanced education possibilities including Odinskolen – an elementary school that aims to be the world’s best robotics school for children – the city is one of the world’s top locations for robotics and automation activities, currently holding over 160 companies within this rapidly growing industry.

As of 2022, more than 1 billion Euros has been invested in Odense robotics companies. The collaboration between local government, knowledge institutions, and industry representatives makes for a rare, innovative ecosystem matched by a few other cities in the world.

The cobot capital of the world

Robotics and automation are in the city of Odense’s DNA, and through the years the city has become the world’s cobot capital too. Companies such as Universal Robots and MiR have shaped the unique ecosystem from the beginning, and many minor companies developing technology and parts to add to the cobots, have joined in the past years.

Whether you are interested in finding robotic companies to invest in or researching the right place to scale your business, Odense delivers on both.

The numbers speak for themselves

mil. euros invested in Odense Robotics companies

The worlds biggest cobot & AMR Hub

robotics companies in Odense

employees in the robotics industry on Funen

Data from 2015-2023

Want the latest insights on the robotics industry?

Denmark’s robotics, automation, and drone industry grew 21% last year generating a turnover of EUR 4 billion, according to new figures from the national cluster, Odense Robotics.

The report gives you all the latest facts and figures on the growing industry. 

We help you settle and grow

Invest in Odense works with representatives from industry, knowledge institutions, and governments to strengthen the robotics and automation industry. We help companies set up their business in Odense free of charge.

If you are looking for the right place to locate your company or seaching for the next robotic or automation company to invest in, we would love to help you.

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Welcome to Odense – the World’s leading robotics city

We match your business with relevant partners

Each year we have a lot of events where you can connect with the local ecosystem. Check out our annual business events – we will love to keep a seat for you.

Join the Nordic Robotics Fair R-24 in Odense

R-24 takes place in Odense in March 2024.

It is one of the leading Robotics Fairs where you can explore the unique ecosystem in Odense and meet all the prominent companies from the industry.

Join the National robotics cluster

Located in Odense, you have the possibility of joining our national cluster, Odense Robotics. Being among the best clusters in Europe, it has achieved the EU-certified Gold Label for Cluster Management Excellence.

NextGen Robotics – a growth consortium for technology and knowledge

NextGen Robotics is Denmark’s beacon of business for robots, drones, and autonomous ship operations – and a growth consortium that through advanced test facilities, ground-breaking demo projects and innovative collaborations will help advance digitalisation and automation in Denmark and globally. 

World’s best robotics school

Children here in Odense, are educated in robotics technology. The world’s best robotics school gives children the perfect platform to master technology in the future.

The school is developed in close partnership with the local robotics companies, the municipality, and the educational systems.

Join the startup Hub

The Odense Robotics Startup Hub has everything you need for enhanced product development, including access to the entire European Union. The strong collaboration between the University of Southern Denmark, the local government, the Danish Technological Institute, and the cluster makes Odense perfect for startups.

Are you an investor or in need of funding?

We bridge the gap between investors and companies through our Investor Network, investment meetings, and major events such as the annual Odense Investor Summit. The event is dedicated to startups and SMEs within the fields of robotics, drones, automation, and other related technologies in need of capital.

State of The robotics Investment landscape

Each year we do an updated report to give an overview of the development within the robotics investment landscape in Odense.

You can download the report right here.


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My drive is to help foreign companies in the robotics, drone, tech and automation industry to establish in Odense and connect them to relevant business partners and opportunities in the City of Odense.  My background is within business, sports and leadership in tech – and my knowledge and network are there to help you.

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Latest News from the City of Odense

The world’s leading robotics city – even from a child’s perspective

The world’s leading robotics city – even from a child’s perspective

Living in the world’s leading robotics city and having the world’s best robotics school, means that students can feel they are growing up in a city where technology and robots are a significant part of the future.

The Odin school and other public schools in Odense contribute to making the world’s leading robotics city a great place to live for adults and children alike. The school officially opened in April 2023.

Unleash the potential of your robotics business in Odense

Unleash the potential of your robotics business in Odense

Robotics and automation are in the city of Odense’s DNA, and with a robust infrastructure, strong investment track record, and engineering excellence, Odense is the perfect destination to settle or establish your robotics entity. Odense’s strategic location provides seamless access to European markets, supported by a well-developed transportation infrastructure.

Join the thriving robotics cluster of Odense and unlock opportunities for your business. Benefit from a vibrant ecosystem that fosters startups, and close collaboration between industry and academia. Access cutting-edge research and tap into a skilled workforce experienced in robotics and automation.

Coalescent Mobile Robotics Raises Seed Funding to Revolutionize Retail Industry with AMRs

Coalescent Mobile Robotics Raises Seed Funding to Revolutionize Retail Industry with AMRs

Odense, Denmark – July 11th 2023 – Coalescent Mobile Robotics, a leading provider of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) for the retail industry, announced today that it has closed its seed funding round with SuperAngel and EIFO as lead investors. The funding will be used to develop the next generation of AMRs and expand into European markets.

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