International Drone show 2023.

Explore the Future of Drone Technology at the International Drone Show in Odense

May 27, 2024 | Articles, Event, News from the city of Odense, Press Releases, Robotics and Drones

The International Drone Show will bring together drone experts from around the globe to explore the latest drone developments and the future of drone technology. Industry specialists will share insights on key themes like legislation and operational safety, defense, security in the Arctic, industry use cases, and emerging technologies. This year’s event will feature various special events before, during, and after the show, all aimed at fostering collaboration and highlighting Odense, Denmark’s thriving drone ecosystem.

Two Days of Drone Insights and Networking

As a leader in drone technology in Northern Europe, Odense will host its annual drone tech conference, one of the largest in the Nordics. Organized by Odense Robotics, Denmark’s national cluster for robotics and drones, and UAS Denmark International Test Center, this event is internationally renowned for drone technology advancements.

On 29 May, hundreds of drone experts and stakeholders will gather at the International Drone Show at HCA Airport in Odense to explore the latest innovations in the drone industry and discuss its potential. The conference will feature four key tracks covering themes such as legislation and operational safety, defense, security in the Arctic, and industry use cases and new technologies.

The International Drone Show offers numerous opportunities to expand your network within the drone industry. One networking initiative allows participants to connect one-on-one with potential partners at the International Drone Show 2024. Another initiative is the pre-event Gateway to Europe, where you will learn about the Danish ecosystem for robotics and drones and explore how Odense, Denmark has become a center for drone development. The collaboration between the local government, the City of Odense, knowledge institutions, and industry representatives creates a unique, innovative ecosystem matched by few other cities in the world.


Meet Expert Drone Speakers and Build New Relationships

UAS Denmark Test Center and Odense Robotics are thrilled to present this year’s International Drone Show program, featuring drone experts from around the world:

  • Bobby Healy, CEO & Founder of Manna Drone Delivery, will speak about drone delivery operations in Europe.
  • Titta Andersson-Bohren, European Policy & Community Affairs Manager at Wing, will discuss public outreach guidelines in Australia, the US, Finland, and Ireland.
  • Mehmet Keyvan, CEO & Founder of KEYVAN Aviation, will share insights on integrating drone data for maximum performance with minimal flying restrictions..

See the full programme here >>

International Drone show 2023.

What is the International Drone Show?

The International Drone Show is one of Northern Europe’s largest drone industry events, held annually in Odense, Denmark. The conference and expo will showcase the latest drone technology through exhibits and demo flights, provide insights from global drone tech industry leaders, and offer extensive networking opportunities.

At the Drone Show, you can enjoy:

  • Thematic conference presentations offering insights into new technology and drone applications
  • Inspiring lectures and panel debates from industry experts
  • A large exhibition showcasing the latest in drone technology
  • Pre-booked B2B business meetings
  • Extensive networking opportunities before, during, and after the event

Why is it Interesting to Participate in the Drone Show?

Drone technology is a versatile platform technology that benefits many industries today. The International Drone Show addresses new applications, technologies, sensors, and cameras, enabling drones to perform tasks more effectively and efficiently. Participating in the drone show provides excellent networking opportunities to connect with researchers and companies within the drone industry, making it a valuable event for anyone interested in the future of drone technology.

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