To become a Service Provider

  • As a service provider, you should supplement the assistance and counseling offered by Invest in Odense before, during, and after a foreign company’s establishment in Denmark. To be part of Invest in Odense’s Service Provider Network you have to offer a service relevant for businesses seeking to establish themselves in Odense.
  • We are looking for service providers within these areas of business: auditors, accountants, administration assistants, lawyers, banks, consultants, architects, advertising agencies, contractors, property service, business developers, see the full list here.


Service providers are expected to positively contribute to, concerning:
  • Deliver relevant and targeted information to Invest in Odense’s customers
  • Help Odense make it easy for new companies to establish themselves
  • Have a focus on the establishment of businesses
  • Supply 2 hours of competent feedback/dialogue
  • Have competencies and experiences with foreign companies seeking to establish themselves in Denmark/Odense


Service providers are in addiction expected to:
  • Be fluent in English
  • Be aware that inquiries can happen outside office hours


Your company/organization will be included in the Service Provider Network Catalogue, which will be available online. It is free of charge to be part of Invest in Odense’s Service Provider Network. Service providers are not entitled to any form of fees for their involvement in the Service Provider Network.